Monday, November 24, 2008

21-24 Nov 2008 events

We observed during all the weekend. There was a storm (Cyprus Low) all over the area.
Sadly in the first night 21-22 Nov we were covered with cloud, despite of it, we caught several meteors between the gaps.
On the second night 22-23 Nov the storm died in our region and was located on the northern part of Cyprus and the coast of Turkey. The CAPE values were quite low and the flash rate was low too. We caught 8 meteors.
On the third night, the storm shifted to Iskenderun bay - the north-east part of the Mediterranean. The flash rate increased and we were on the edge of our observation range. we caught 7 meteors during the night and one sprite. The distance to the area is more then 400km.

23-24 Nov Sprite:

Sample Meteors:

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